How To Charge AGM Battery? Tips You Need To Know In 2023

How To Charge AGM Battery

As a battery enthusiast, I am always interested in learning about the next technology to hit the market. I’ve recently played with AGM batteries and have learned quite a bit about these energy storage devices.

Learn How To Charge AGM Batteries?

Yet, the AGM batteries are very similar to lead-acid batteries but use gelled electrolytes instead of liquid which is why they are sometimes called gel cells.

This means that they can be installed in any position since there isn’t any danger of spilling or leaking out if tipped over; plus, they don’t need an acid bath for installation.

The other big difference is that AGMs do not use antimony sulfate as an inhibitor. Hence, you get more capacity by weight than traditional lead-acid batteries, which makes them ideal for marine applications where weight needs to be kept down.

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Charging AGM Batteries – Proper Method

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To take care of batteries properly, they must be charged. The AGM batteries have a long service life that has used a wide range of applications.

They provide backup power to your UPS, powering the electronic device and storing the renewable energy to use in the future.

This is why you need to make sure to charge the AGM batteries properly to live their life in the long term.

Batteries are designed to fit specifically and recommended chargers to live their life long and provide strong power.

Chargers offer varying degrees of power, some of which are small, while others are powerful.

A bigger battery usually requires a larger charger. It is also true in the opposite direction. A smaller battery will require a smaller charger.

Effect Of Charges On Different Batteries

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Usually, people assume that charging AGM batteries is the same as charging a laptop battery, but this isn’t the case. In truth, laptop batteries utilize a completely different technology.

AGM batteries are lead-acid batteries, while laptop batteries are lithium. This is why the AGM batteries are different from the special charger batteries required.

It is possible to charge lithium batteries for a while without significant damage partially. However, AGM batteries must be fully charged before they can be used.

Charge AGM Batteries In The Right Way:

There is a certain charge temperature range for AGM batteries. In other words, you shouldn’t charge AGM batteries if the temperature falls outside of this range.

If the temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit, you shouldn’t charge lead-acid batteries.

And did you know? The Cold weather also affects charging AGM batteries. Therefore don’t charge your batteries if the temperature falls to 0 degrees celsius.

For the battery to last as long as intended, it must charge between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius.

What Happens If You Charge The Battery The Wrong Way?

 Charge The Battery The Wrong Way?

If you charge your AGM batteries incorrectly, they will age prematurely. As a result, your battery will deplete considerably more quickly than they were supposed to.

Improperly charging your AGM battery can allow the system to warm, leading the battery to be damaged and die in hours.

That’s why based on my personal experience, I would recommend charging the AGM battery with the right method I have mentioned above.

Do AGM Batteries Need Special Charging?

The simple answer is no, AGM batteries do not require a special charger. However, it, like any other battery, will benefit from the care of a good “smart” charger.

A standard constant voltage charger, such as the kind you’d find at your local auto parts store, produces electricity at roughly 12.7 volts (some are 12.6v, and some are 12.8v).


Overall. How to charge an AGM battery?

AGM batteries can be charged in different ways depending on the manufacturer’s instructions; however, some general guidelines will help you get started with charging an AGM battery.

For example, most manufacturers recommend not allowing your car’s engine to idle while charging because this wastes gas and could damage the alternator over time.

If you find yourself stranded without power but unable to charge your battery (perhaps if you’re camping), then remember that an old-fashioned hand-crank emergency radio may save your day!