Exide Batteries Review – Advice, Pricing & Warranty In 2023

Exide Batteries Review

Introduction Exide Batteries Review

In industry stress tests, Exide Batteries outperforms various other common batteries. Surely, they have a large charging capacity, ensuring that it lasts a long time.

The product offers a wide choice of high-quality car batteries that can improve the performance of almost any vehicle.

In this Exide Batteries review, I’ll go over all the important facts and information that buyers should know. This is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a dependable battery that can withstand constant use without failing.  

 inbuilt anti-spill technology,

Because these batteries have inbuilt anti-spill technology, there is no risk of hazardous chemical spillage.

This product outperforms many other common batteries when it comes to longevity, especially when subjected to high-stress settings.

The entire lifespan of these batteries is estimated to be between 4 and 6 years. Of course, the number will fluctuate depending on how the battery is cared for.

Top Pick
Exide Batteries


  • Fume And Leak Resistant
  • Easy Maintenance
  • 36 Months Warranty
  • Easy Handling/Spill-Proof

Moreover, they boast a high CCA (cold cranking amps) of nearly 850 and can start in high and low temperatures, as low as 0°F. 
Most of the models feature Sure Life Graphite Technology, which allows these batteries to run at their best for longer by maximizing the energy capacity and providing consistent battery performance.  


Exide batteries’ robust design fits any application requirement, no matter how demanding. Its unique side-ventilated lid provides outstanding spill resistance.

These batteries are exceptionally reliable and have a longer life expectancy because of their double-clad separation, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Their design is tough enough to endure high-temperature applications while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. You may monitor their electrolyte levels and state-of-charge using Magic Eye.

Moreover, the product arrives fully charged and ready to use from the factory. They are backed by a fantastic 55-month warranty (30 flat + 25 pro-rata).

Exide Batteries Features That’s Make Its Wonderful

High CCA

Exide Batteries High CCA

The product has a high CCA rating, allowing you to start your car very instantly, even in the coldest or warmest conditions.

It can also withstand a variety of severe loads that automotive batteries are subjected to.


Furthermore, these batteries outperform many others and are capable of handling high and intermittent electrical demands. In addition, these are top performers in rigorous vehicle stress tests.

Reserve capacity

The mentioned batteries have a reserve capacity of over 120 minutes at 25A, which means they can store 120 minutes of energy without being charged.

Compact size 

These batteries come in a smaller size, so if all you need is a light to the medium battery, this is the one to go with. Above all, these are a good value for money and ideal for light use. 

Spill-proof and maintenance-free

These batteries do not need to be watered and do not require any maintenance.

Spill-proof and maintenance-free

The electrolyte is maintained between the plates by an absorbent glass mat, which prevents it from overflowing even when the battery is in strange positions.

When it comes to mounting, this gives you additional alternatives. Furthermore, because the AGM battery is spill-proof, transporting it by air or road is frequently lax.

Life span

In addition to this, depending on driving habits, temperature, and the vehicle in which they are placed, these batteries can live anywhere from four to six years.

When your battery reaches the 4-year mark, it’s a good idea to be cautious and have it inspected regularly.

Resistant to vibration

In addition, the device is vibration-resistant and can endure massive weights in hostile situations. So, the engine is started, and the spacecraft is given the necessary amount of energy.


  • Large capacity for charging
  • During bumpy trips, there will be no spillage.
  • Very long-lasting
  • Consistent performance
  • Compatible with heavy-duty use
  • able to withstand stress testing in the industry
  • Long life expectancy
  • When subjected to high-stress situations, performs well.
  • High-capacity charge storage


  • It’s quite pricey
  • Somewhat heavy.


Exide batteries is a premium brand that is normally very expensive, yet it provides excellent performance and long-term durability. Exide batteries are well-known for their high quality and They’re a wonderful alternative for any automotive that needs an efficient battery to meet all of their electronic needs. Because of their sturdy structure and ability to withstand harsh temperatures.
There are also less expensive models available for those on a tighter budget that pack a punch. Furthermore, because Exide batteries come with a lifetime warranty, owning a long-lasting vehicle battery can save you money on replacements in the long term. Exide gives you more than you pay for. Expensive doesn’t always mean better, but you receive more than you pay for with Exide. This exide batteries review will help you to get the point that why they are famous for their performance.

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