Best Battery For The Large Trucks 2023. Read before you buy.

Do you want to know how to choose the best battery for the large trucks in 2023? I’ve made this guide, especially for you. That’s why it is the best guide as I am here in the support of you. So, let’s get started.

If you are looking for an upgrade from your original 12v battery, you should look into these high-quality options. They are designed to last longer than your original batteries, which means that you will get more time out of them. So if you want to make sure your car runs smoothly, then you should consider this type of battery.

The best part about buying these batteries is that they can be easily installed by the average consumer. These batteries can also be upgraded later on, so they are a great investment for any vehicle owner. We have broken down the three types of batteries that you might need, as well as the pros and cons.

The charge of your vehicle’s battery is determined by its amperage rating. Amperage is the measure of a car battery’s ability to hold a charge.

It determines how long your vehicle can be driven after a single charge. The higher your truck’s amperage, the longer it can run off one charge.

In other words, the lower the amperage, the shorter your truck can be driven with one charge. Your truck’s amperage ranges between about 2 and 10 amps depending on its capacity and usage.

  • Voltage: The voltage is basically the potential energy stored in a battery which is transferred to the electrical circuit when the circuit is closed. Thus, higher voltage means higher battery capacity. Right now, the industry standard for automotive batteries is 12 Volts. Therefore, all of the options you will find on this list are 12 volts.
  • Battery Type: When it comes to trucks, almost every single experienced truck driver will recommend you to go with an AGM battery. These batteries have a built-in fiberglass separator that absorbs the electrolyte solution present inside the battery. In terms of performance, AGM batteries offer nearly 5 times faster charging speed along with almost double the performance battery backup.
  • Cold Cranking Amps: If you are facing problems with your truck battery in cold weather, it is probably because your current battery has low CCA or cold cranking amps. This is basically a measurement of amperage your battery can offer at 32°F. If you live in an excessively cold region, you should prefer the highest CCA battery you can find in your budget. On the other hand, it is not that big of a deal for warmer regions.

Batteries can be a critical accessory to buy, especially if someone is making this purchase for the first time. There are a lot of technical terms that relate to the battery capacity which are unknown to a common man.

If you are also finding it difficult to choose a truck battery, don’t worry. We will offer you the best truck batteries we could find in the market along with detailed specifications. We have also prepared a Buying Guide for the best truck batteries present later in this article to help you understand truck batteries completely.

Buying Guide: Best battery for the large trucks

If you own a heavy automobile like an SUV, RV, or truck, you must know the importance of the battery installed in it. If you have found yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead car battery, you know the severity of the situation and how important it is to keep your battery at optimal performance level at all times.

If you are noticing frequency problems with your battery such as delayed starts, quick discharge rate, and low cranking amps, you should start looking for a replacement right now.

As you will only need to replace your truck’s battery about 2 to 3 times throughout the life of your truck, you should prefer going with a premium choice for reliable performance. And to get the best option in your budget, make sure you follow our buying guide before making a choice.

1. Type of Battery

First and foremost, you need to understand what type of battery is best suited for your automobile and then choose from the options available for the same. There are a few options that you may come across when you are looking for a truck battery such as SLI, Lithium-ion, Deep Cycle, Lead-acid, Wet cells, etc.

But if you want the best compatibility for a heavy truck, you should go with an AGM battery. These are the most popular options for trucks since they offer a faster charging performance along with a low-discharge rate.

Therefore, the battery will spend more time supplying power to your engine rather than on the charging table. The AGM batteries also cycle down to about 80% of their depth of discharge without any damage to the chemical integrity of the internal components.

2. Operating Temperature

One of the most common reasons to need a replacement for a battery is unsuitable operating temperatures. The surrounding temperature has a major impact on the performance of a truck battery, especially if your truck is on the run for multiple hours every day.

If the surrounding temperature is excessively high or low, the overall performance of your battery will not be optimal, unless your battery’s manufacturer has ensured a wide operating temperature range for the battery.

As the ideal working temperature for a car battery is about 80°F, it is possible that you will need a high-performance battery for your truck for summers and winters. If the battery is operated at a higher temperature level than what it is designed for, the internal chemical reactions will be faster, increasing the possibility of internal corrosion. On the other hand, extremely cold weather will significantly slow down the chemical reaction, decreasing the output capacity of the battery.

3. Battery Size

Another highly important feature of a truck battery is its size which is often ignored while the user is looking for a battery replacement. Before you start looking at the technical specifications and features of the battery, you should first check if the battery can fit under the hood of your truck. If that’s not possible, the truck battery won’t be of any use to you, irrespective of how good it performs in various conditions.

To check the compatibility of the truck battery with your truck, simply check its external dimensions and compare them with the space available on your battery mount. If you are not sure about that, simply remove your old battery and compare the new battery’s dimensions to the older unit.

If the replacement battery is similar to your previous model, installation should not be a problem. Larger dimensions might become problematic at the time of installation and force you to make adjustments for the battery. However, if the new battery is too small, you may not be able to securely install it in the battery mount.

4. Warranty

As you may already know, you are going to spend a handsome amount on your new truck battery. Thus, it is important to choose an option that will last you a long time and won’t need frequent checkups or replacements in the near future. As there are a lot of brands present in the market that offer truck batteries, one might get confused about which option is best suited for their budget.

As long as you are buying a truck battery from a renowned brand, you have nothing to worry about. Most reliable battery companies offer a long warranty period on their batteries which ensures the flawless performance of the battery, at least until the end of the warranty period.

Even if something goes wrong with the battery within the warranty period, it would not be a big deal as you will be authorized to claim free-of-cost repairs from the manufacturer. And if the battery is damaged beyond repair, you may also receive a replacement without any additional cost.


Q. Does the surrounding temperature affect an AGM battery?

Surrounding temperatures affect all types of batteries, whether it is an automotive batteries, smartphone batteries, or standard AA or AAA batteries. Extremely hot or cold weather interferes with the internal chemical reaction of the battery and reduces its performance.

But with that being said, you should also acknowledge that AGM batteries offer pretty decent performance in extreme temperatures. But in any case, you need to ensure that the battery you are buying is suitable for the average surrounding temperature of your region.

Q. How to check if my truck battery is dying?

Irrespective of the maintenance and cleaning sessions you schedule for your truck battery, it will eventually lose the capacity to hold the charge because of the timely decay of the internal components and their chemical properties. Although, you will notice a few signs that will assure you if you need a replacement for your truck’s battery.

The most common sign for automotive batteries is slow engine starts. It occurs because your battery is incapable of offering the necessary current to generate a spark. Another noticeable symptom is dimmed head and tail lights.

Q. Why is my truck battery draining rapidly?

There can be a lot of reasons behind the rapid draining of an automotive battery. The most common culprit can be corroded cables that introduce loose contact between the battery terminals and your circuit. Extreme working temperatures can also cause a fast discharge rate from your battery.

In some cases, your battery can be fine but could be draining rapidly due to the malfunctioning of other components like the alternator. You should also make sure that you keep the lights turned OFF during the day as it will reduce your truck battery’s life by half.


After going through our selection of the best truck batteries, you must have learned a lot about what options are available in the market right now and how they differ from each other. You can find detailed information about truck batteries on this list along with a helpful buying guide that will guide you on how you can choose the right option for your truck.

So, you can go ahead and select the most capable option you can find in your budget. While almost all of the options presented here offer a reliable working period and specification, you should carefully consider the options based on the features we discussed in our buying guide. You can also go with one of our top choices given here.

The Delphi BU9035 MaxStart is arguably the cheapest option you can find right now for a truck battery. This is a group size 35 AGM battery with 12 volts power capacity. As for its dimensions, it measures about 9.6 x 1 x 7.8 inches, making it a highly compact option. The Delphi BU9035 MaxStart offers about 660 CCA and 100 reverse capacity, which are pretty impressive features for a cheaper option. It is also ensured against any internal damage and battery problems for 3 years.

If you are looking for an even more reliable truck battery, go with the ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery. This is one of the premium range truck batteries on our list that carries a 4 year long warranty period. It also excels in terms of performance as you will get about 950 cold-cranking amps with this battery. The ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery have non-spillable design and a highly vibration-resistant external casing.

Lastly, we will suggest going with the ACDelco Gold B24R as it is the most trusted option present in the market for a truck battery. This is a perfect option for hybrid vehicles because it is a Group 51 AGM BCI battery. It features a highly durable exterior design, making it perfect for rough travels. The suitable working temperature range for this battery is between 32°F and 70°F. You will also receive a 2-year warranty period on this battery.