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Battle Born Batteries Review

Battle Born Batteries Review Introduction

The Battle born batteries have built-in management systems that monitor and control high- and low-temperature exposures, potential short circuits, and even severe voltages, making them almost maintenance-free.

In addition, compared to other batteries, the charging time is significantly reduced. Depending on the size of your charger and the level of battery depletion, you can recharge in two to five hours.

This Battle born batteries review helps you to grasp all the points that make it worth using.

The product gives comfort with a 10-year warranty on all of its batteries. Furthermore, their batteries are made of renewable, non-toxic energy that can be used completely before recharging.

Battle Born Batteries

They can last 10 to 15 years because they are well-made. They come with a ten-year warranty and a life cycle of 3000-5000 cycles and still have 75-80% of their initial powering capacity.

Overheating has been a problem with lithium batteries in the past, but Battle Born Batteries contain virtually no internal resistance and will not heat up or swell.

This is a function that isn’t available on all lithium batteries. These batteries will also deliver the full amount of power that your batteries are capable of, as well as a steady level of energy.

If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll be relieved to learn that Battle Born batteries are non-toxic and use the safest lithium chemistry available.

Because of their long lifespan, they also produce less garbage. These batteries are small and light, weighing only 31 pounds.

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Battle Born Batteries


  • Battle Born BB10012 100A 12V LiFePO4 Battery
  • BMV-712 Battery Monitor
  • voltage, current, and amps consumed
  • BB10012 8 year full replacement warranty

Last but not least, these batteries contain a built-in battery management system that ensures the battery remains safe and functional. As a result, you won’t need to purchase a separate battery management solution.

Although these Batteries are splash-proof and water-resistant, keep in mind that water and electricity are a dangerous mix.

Water may infiltrate the battery and cause irreversible damage if exposed to a high-moisture environment for an extended period. 

Features That’s Make It Different To Other

More Effective

Battle-born batteries are far more energy-efficient than their counterparts, having a higher energy density.

As a result, they can last longer while using less energy, requiring less frequent recharging. You can completely drain these batteries before recharging.


 AGM or lead-acid batteries.

They have a far longer lifespan than regular batteries and require no maintenance or upkeep, making them more cost-effective in the long run than AGM or lead-acid batteries.

Furthermore, they often last three times as long as lead-acid batteries, requiring replacement every eight to ten years rather than every two or three years.

Lighter In Weight

When travelling, the weight of your rig is critical. If you enhance your off-grid potential with extra energy storage, batteries can quickly contribute to that total.

These batteries typically weigh between 25 and 31 pounds, significantly less than a comparable lead-acid battery.

Longer Life Expectancy

maintained lithium-ion battery

These batteries survive longer than typical lead-acid and AGM batteries due to their high energy density.

This is due to a variety of factors, including the fact that recharging occurs less frequently.

A lithium battery can be completely depleted before it needs to be recharged. To replenish a battle-born battery, it must be at least 50% charged.

It’s easy to see why a properly maintained lithium-ion battery should last eight to ten years, three times longer than a lead-acid battery.

Maintenance Is Little To Nonexistent

On the other hand, these batteries contain built-in management systems that require very little, if any, maintenance.

There’s no filling of battery cells, as with lead-acid batteries, no concern about spillage, and no worry about excessively high or low voltages. Instead, the management system adjusts for each battery.


The technology protects cells from temperature extremes and short circuits, and there are no excessively high or low voltages.

Because these batteries don’t need to be vented, they can be installed inside an RV rather than in a vented external compartment.

Battery Bank With Expansion

Another significant benefit is the ability to expand in the future. It’s easy to wire more Battle born batteries in parallel in the future if your budget limits the size of your battery bank during the initial build.


  • Capacity that is smaller and more usable
  • Over a lengthy period, it is less expensive.
  • Charges and recharges more quickly
  • Cells that self-balance
  • Battery management system built-in
  • longer life expectancy
  • A battery bank that can be expanded
  • Maintenance is minimal to non-existent.
  • It can be used in a variety of ways, including sideways and at an angle.
  • There is no off-gassing or external combustion.


  • Significant upfront investment is required.
  • Cannot be charged at temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Final Words On Battle Born Batteries

Battle Born meets the needs of our solar-powered systems, which are frequently reversed into DC for usage in vans. Our power systems are designed to operate independently of the grid and power lights, heaters, air conditioning, kitchen appliances, and televisions. They are also compatible with our solar systems, an important component of our van conversions at Freedom Vans. It allows van owners to go off the grid in the mountains, desert, or coast. 

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